Charles Bezzina

'The Future belongs to those who beleive in
the power of their dreams'.
Native American proverb.
Charles Bezzina paintings are set in places that are remote and isolated, places he traveled throughout his artistic life. Bezzina paints the natural environment and ecological system using contemporary colours to interpret the past and present. Charles embraces an extensive range of mediums and techniques on paper and large canvases using both traditional and contemporary methods. He has always been fascinated by both the world at his feet and the Landscape beyond the horizon. Born on the Island of Malta and have lived In England for 38 years, he has trekked some of the most isolated landscapes, such as the Sahara Desert, and recently trekked and painted Plein –Air in Iceland, Arctic Norway and Greenland. He uses watercolours, acrylics, and Oils as his main mediums. Charles has exhibited his art in the UK and overseas and his paintings are in public and private collections. His debates and lectures are always presented with great enthusiasm, and friendly approach.
Charles Bezzina paintings seem to convey a sense of awareness of the landscape he paints in during his artistic expedition trips. Some of his paintings have become more dreamlike and visionary based on factual Landscapes.
This year, Charles has successfully completed, an artist in residency at Upernavik Museum North West Greenland, and visited some of the most impressive Landscape and Icefjords, in the World namely the Ilulissat Icefjords and Upernavik where he painted Plein Air. Mother Earth provided me with perfect weather for a few days therefore, I painted as much as possible out on the rocks of Ilulissat and in the small town of Upernavik. The theme of the portfolio ‘In Search of Ice made in Heaven’ portfolio' will be completed as a first phase in 2010.