Welcome to my website, I am a visual artist and also enjoy photography. This website reflects some of the Landscapes I have visited during the past five years and places where I have lived and visited in search of the picturesque. I cover a range of Landscapes painted on canvas and paper with particular emphasis on visits I have made to remote areas. My preferred medium are watercolours, acrylics, and oils. Some of the places I have visited and trekked are: The Sahara Desert, Maltese Islands, Italy, France, Ireland, Spain, Thailand, Snowdonia, The Lake District, Highlands of Scotland, Iceland, Arctic Norway, North East Greenland and recently North West Greenland, where I was Artist in residence at the Museum of Upernavik classified as the most northerly Museum on the globe. Some of my art is in private and public collections, and recently I completed two artist in residence in Greenland and on the MS Polarays Norway. During my stay I visited the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ilulissat Icefjords on several occasions to capture the Ice landscape in my journals and sketch book. The area of Upernavik has 3000 Inuits spread over 11 settlements in an area the size of Britain. Recently these places have been a source of inspiration and presently in the process of creating new art work.

I was born on the Island of Malta and have lived in the UK for the past 41 years and have studio facilities in the County of Northamptonshire England.

'He is truly wise who's traveled far and knows
the ways of the world' Viking:-800 AD.